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Dollhouse Poster
Hey everyone,
here are some Posters I made…. Comments would be great!




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Very nice. I particularly like the third one.

These are really cool, love the first and last ones :D

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked them :-)

These are great! The second one's really interesting, and I love the last one!

Thanks for the comment :-)I like the last one too...

Those are all beautiful! Great work. I wish they were real. :D

awww... hihi! You made my day! Thanks a lot :D

I see you're new to LJ! Welcome!

I have to say, the first and the last ones are fantastic.

I lovelovelove the first one ♥

You should have been the marketing person for the show. These posters look better than the official ones and are also a lot more poignant. Well done!

Awww...that’s very nice of you! Thank you so much :-)

wow... these are awsome!!!

You are lovely too :D Thank you for the Comment!

Continuing with the love for all of them! Very nicely done. I also love your Echo avatar. :D You made it yourself, I assume?

Aww… Thank you! I´m glad you like them. And Yes, I made my avatar :D

Is it possible to get the last one without the season 2, date, and FOX part? And in HQ if possible? I'd love to get it blown up, and would love for you to keep your sig on it. It's so gorgeous, as are the rest of them.

Actually, I like all the text. Is it possible to get it more HQ?

I just send you a message! :D

These are all gorgeous.

Many thanks! :) I really love your avatar...

I'd just like to point out that FOX has been claiming that THEY released the last poster, which is very unfair:

You should do something about it.

Haha… :o thank you for the Link. This is ridiculous! I really can`t stand the ugly, pink stars :(
But it seems, that they edit the article: “FanS Release Final ‘Dollhouse’ Promo Poster“ :D

I also found this:

Could you make a poster for Epitaph 2, that I can use for promoting on ONTD? And to post other places, like /tv/ on 4chan, to make it viral. I'll give you full credit everywhere I post it.

I would love to do that! Unfortunately I can’t promise anything because my creative moments come always very unexpected… :D

I just found “ONTD“! Very cool! Thank you for using my art and for the credit :)

These are beautiful. Took the 3rd one.

Would it be to much trouble if you could rotate the image so it could work as a banner?

The last one is gorgeous! Thank you for making these.

they are amazing!
♥♥♥ them!:)))

Hi there. These are all good posters but I really like the third one. Would it be possible for the sleeping chambers to be a nice usericon (without the title or logo). Thanks so much.

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